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Custom Designs & Repairs

We make custom designs and can repair your crystal gems. (Contact - [email protected])

Custom Design Jewelry

  • You choose your own crystals or let us choose crystals based on your Natal Chart.
  • A $20 deposit is required for bracelets and earrings and $30 for necklaces. You have up to 48 hours to cancel your custom design and recieve a full refund. Any deposit made after 48 hours can be used as a credit towards any jewelry in the store.
  • Allow 7 - 14 days for custom pieces to be completed.
  • Custom jewelry created based on Natal Charts will receive a complimentary Natal Chart pdf file via email.

Jewelry Repairs

Please be mindful when sleeping, playing sports, rough-housing or bathing with jewelry. 

All jewelry created by us can receive a complimentary repair within 30 days of purchase otherwise there is a fee for repairs.

  • Repairs start at $10 for bracelets, necklaces & earrings.
  • Adding crystals, metal or enhancements will incur additional fees.
  • $10 deposit is required

Email us with your request at [email protected].

Or call us to leave a message (469) 324-9375.

We require a $10 - $30 deposit on all custom jewelry and repairs.

Crystal Inventory Gallery:

Look at the products on our page for what we have in our inventory. If you're interested in a crystal we don't have catalogued send us an email and we will attempt to get it or something similar.

Custom Jewelry & Repair Gallery:

Shell necklace Ukanite bracelet White Shell necklace
Chakra necklaceChakra necklaceChakra necklaceChakra necklace