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Amun (N70)

Amun (N70)

Lapis Lazuli -
An excellent stone for harmonizing the body, emotions, mind & spirit. It brings deep inner self-knowledge & multidimensional cellular healing. Stimulates higher mental faculties & encourages creativity. Aids you in taking charge of life, bringing compassion, honesty, compassion, & uprightness to the personality. Has a very powerful vibration and a protective stone.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Objectivity, clarity, stress, self-awareness, self-expression, anxiety, female hormones, menopause, PMS, immune system, insomnia, pain, migraine, depression, respiratory & nervous systems, throat, larynx, thyroid, organs, bone marrow, thymus, hearing loss, blood, vertigo, blood pressure.
(Zodiac: Sagittarius; Birthstone: Sagittarius, Capricorn)

Pyrite -
Known as "Fool's Gold", has an excellent energy shield, blocking out negative energy & pollutants at all levels. Creates a positive outlook. Very helpful for men who feel inferior strengthening confidence in masculinity however in "macho" men initiates aggression. Useful in rooting out karmic & psychosomatic disease.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Energy, diplomacy, despair, fatigue, inferiority complex, servitude, inadequacy, inertia, memory, accessing potential, cooperation, blood, circulation, bones, cell formation, DNA damage, meridians, sleep disturbed owing to gastric upset, digestive tract, ingested toxins, circulatory & respiratory systems, lungs, asthma, bronchitis, oxygenates bloodstream. (Zodiac: Leo)

Lava Stone -
This Stone emulates a phoenix rising from the ashes. It's a stone of rebirth, balance, courage & strength. Ignites & rekindles passion in your spirit. Dispels anger, fear, & negativity. Burns remnants of the past that hold you back facilitating new beginnings. Relieves homesickness helping travelers to still feel connected to home. Helps you be mindful of what you say in social settings. Encourages positive changes, mental stability & bouncing back. Slows one down, eliminating distracting chaotic thoughts providing a clean slate. Absorbs essential oils that can be used for meditation or its metaphysical properties
BENEFICIAL FOR: good for the feet, bunions, corns, sore feet, toes, verrucas, energy balance, depression, vitality, stress reliever, transformation, rebirth, emotional balance, mental stability, grounding (Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio)

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