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Psychic Adventurine (E50)

Psychic Adventurine (E50)

Yellow Opal is said to enhance psychic abilities and remove any blockages, especially self imposed one that limit self growth. Yellow Opal has an uplifting and revitalizing effect, but only when your already in that state of mind. If your feeling down this stone only amplifies those emotions, however its very beneficial if used when you feel elated. Associated zodiacs are Aries and Sagittarius. BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES: Meditation, physical healing, passion, opportunities, nourishing and rejuvenation, new beginnings, mental enhancements, love and relationships.

Yellow Aventurine pushes you to engage in awakening your personal will. Yellow Aventurine, once placed on your belly while you meditate helps you reestablish your inner connections to the attributed energies such as creating, manifesting, and focusing, as well as important leadership qualities. Having deep meditative sessions overtime will help you to naturally raise your confidence level and help you become more comfortable with who you really are. Associated zodiacs are Aries and Virgo. BENEFICIAL QUALITIES: It helps with PTSD, prosperity, mental enhancement, passion, relaxation, nurturing, and new beginnings.

Yellow Opal, Yellow Aventurine, Gold Filled Wire