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Kambaba Fire

Kambaba Fire

Kambaba Jasper & Obsidian chips with Glass beads on Brass wire -

Kambaba Jasper -
Helpful with the lungs, fertility creativity and removes deep ingrained blockages. Stimulates the kundalini rising. Strengthens our endurance offering support through trying times. Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”- it sustains & supports during times of stress & unifies all aspects of life. Balances yin & yang. Promotes quick thinking & organizational abilities.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Optimum well-being, lung, digestive system, elimination of toxins, assimilation of vitamins & minerals, gallbladder, cellular healing, autonomic nervous system & neurotransmitters, all structures in the boy, recovery from serious illness or psychosomatic disease, cerebellum, Parkinson’s, fertility, rebirth
Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Obsidian - One of the greatest gifts of this stone is insight into the cause of disease. Exposes flaws, weaknesses, blockages, and disempowering conditions, leaving nothing hidden. A strongly protective stone, shields against negativity and blocks psychic attacks. Brings clarity of mind for mental disorders or disease. BENEFICIAL FOR: Compassion, strength, ingestion of anything that is hard to accept, detoxification, blockages, hardened arteries, arthritis, joint pain, cramp, injuries, pain, bleeding, circulation, enlarged prostate, warming the extremities. (Zodiac: Virgo)