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Polensii Roya

Polensii Roya

Carnelian & Orange Goldstone with Wood beads & Copper Plated hooks -

Carnelian - Protects against envy & the “Evil Eye”. Brings good fortune to the wearer. Useful for overcoming abuse. Helps you trust yourself & your perceptions, overcoming negative conditioning. A stone of abundance, it motivates for success in business & other matters. BENEFICIAL FOR: Courage, vitality, metabolism, concentration, weak memory, anger, emotional negativity, nosebleeds, infertility, impotence, physical wounds, circulation, lower back disorders, heart, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, kidneys, accelerates healing in bones & ligaments, headaches
(Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio)

Goldstone - Known as the “ambition stone”, it’s linked with boosting your drive and confidence, the essential mindset for paving the way for all your dreams to come true. Useful to obtain goals in life & attracts abundance. Grounding stone, especially useful when feeling overwhelmed by toxic emotions & negative thought patterns. BENEFICIAL FOR: physical master healer; heals tonsils, throat, thyroid; arthritis, inflammation & rheumatism; urinary tract; low back, reproductive system, detoxification; enhance tissue regeneration; bone strength; emotional healer
(Zodiac: Sagittarius)