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Serkis Amunet (E148)

Serkis Amunet (E148)

Lapis Lazuli -
An excellent stone for harmonizing the body, emotions, mind & spirit. It brings deep inner self-knowledge & multidimensional cellular healing. Stimulates higher mental faculties & encourages creativity. Aids you in taking charge of life, bringing compassion, honesty, compassion, & uprightness to the personality. Has a very powerful vibration and a protective stone.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Objectivity, clarity, stress, self-awareness, self-expression, anxiety, female hormones, menopause, PMS, immune system, insomnia, pain, migraine, depression, respiratory & nervous systems, throat, larynx, thyroid, organs, bone marrow, thymus, hearing loss, blood, vertigo, blood pressure.
(Zodiac: Sagittarius; Birthstone: Sagittarius, Capricorn)

Pyrite -
Known as "Fool's Gold", has an excellent energy shield, blocking out negative energy & pollutants at all levels. Creates a positive outlook. Very helpful for men who feel inferior strengthening confidence in masculinity however in "macho" men initiates aggression. Useful in rooting out karmic & psychosomatic disease.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Energy, diplomacy, despair, fatigue, inferiority complex, servitude, inadequacy, inertia, memory, accessing potential, cooperation, blood, circulation, bones, cell formation, DNA damage, meridians, sleep disturbed owing to gastric upset, digestive tract, ingested toxins, circulatory & respiratory systems, lungs, asthma, bronchitis, oxygenates bloodstream. (Zodiac: Leo)

Black Tourmaline -
Stone of protection & powerful mental healer. It absorbs negative energy & affords excellent energetic protection, enhancing your physical vitality. Grounds spiritual energy; balances chakras, meridians & auric bodies. BENEFICIAL FOR: Detox, spinal adjustments, balancing male-female energy, paranoia, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia, energy flow, removal of blockages (Zodiac: Libra; Birthstone: Scorpio)

Pewter cylinder
Sterling Silver wire & ear hooks