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In need of protection, Aine guides you through the forest of life drawing from earth's powerful healing forces to transmute any negativity into positivity. Connect to the love of Aine to balance your yin & yang, overcome diseases and protect your aura.

Amber -
Has strong connections to the earth. It is a grounding stone, a powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body & assists tissue revitalization. It cleans the chakras & the environment. A transmuting stone that absorbs negative energy into positive forces to help the boy heal itself. Provides a protective shield to prevent healers from taking on client’s pain. BENEFICIAL FOR: Altruism, memory, trust, wisdom, peacefulness, decision-making, depression, vitality, stress, throat, goiter, stomach, spleen kidneys, bladder, liver, gallbladder, joint problems, mucous membranes, wound healing, natural antibiotic. (Leo, Aquarius)

Hematite -
It enhances personal magnetism. Heals anger & heart felt by those were warriors of past lives & those facing karmic battles in the present life. Harmonizes mind, body, & spirit and removes excess energy. Right-handed people should not wear on the right – shuts down metaphysical awareness. On the left, it allows metaphysical faculties to remain open. It protects you during astral projection. Strongly yang, balances meridians, redresses yin imbalances, dissolves negativity & protects he aura. Assist in coming to terms with mistakes as learning experiences & facing the shadow side of your personality. Wear for short periods of time.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Self-esteem, willpower, addictions, overeating, smoking, over-indulgence, stress, formation of red blood cells, circulation (Aquarius, Aries)