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Madagascar Tourmaline Quartz pendant (Libra) has the energies of both pink Tourmaline and quartz. It's a necklace of unconditional love!

Pink Tourmaline –
An aphrodisiac stone that attracts love both material & spiritual. Inspires one to trust in love, especially love of self before hoping to be loved by others. A stone of protection & powerful mental healer. It absorbs negative energy & affords excellent energetic protection, enhancing your physical vitality. Grounds spiritual energy; balances chakras, meridians & auric bodies. BENEFICIAL FOR: Relaxation, wisdom, compassion, emotional pain, destructive feelings, dysfunctional endocrine system, heart, lungs, skin, protection, detox, spinal adjustments, balancing male-female energy, paranoia, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia, energy flow, removal of blockages
(Zodiac: Libra; Birthstone: Libra, Scorpio)

Quartz –
Known also as clear quartz works on multidimensional levels of being. Generates electro-magnetism & dispels static electricity. It is an extremely powerful healing & energy amplifier. Absorbs, stores, releases & regulates energy when held, it doubles your bio-magnetic field. Quartz takes energy to the most perfect state possible, before the disease set in, acting as a deep soul cleanser, & connects the physical dimension with the mind. Works like a cosmic computer storing information & has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Energy enhancement, multidimensional cellular memory healing, efficient receptor for programming, immune system, brings body into balance, a master healer for any condition.
(Zodiac: ALL)

Magnesite -
Also known as Lodestone, helps one practice unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult because of behavior or addictions. Teaches self-love, a necessity before you can love others. Brings up self-deceiving unconscious thoughts and feelings up for clearing, inducing a positive attitude to life. Very calming for emotions & overstimulating minds. BENEFICIAL FOR: Emotional stress, intolerance, irritability, detoxification, boy odor, muscle relaxant, menstrual, stomach, intestinal, gallbladder, kidney stones, bone & teeth disorders, epilepsy, headaches, migraine, fat metabolism, angina, heart disease, fevers, chills, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis (Zodiac: Aries)

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