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Laka Cherise (E108)

Laka Cherise (E108)

Carnelian -
Protects against envy & the “Evil Eye”. Brings good fortune to the wearer. Useful for overcoming abuse. Helps you trust yourself & your perceptions, overcoming negative conditioning. A stone of abundance, it motivates for success in business & other matters.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Courage, vitality, metabolism, concentration, weak memory, anger, emotional negativity, nosebleeds, infertility, impotence, physical wounds, circulation, lower back disorders, heart, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, kidneys, accelerates healing in bones & ligaments, headaches
(Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio)

Mother of Pearl -
Symbolizes the feminine form of God. Calms the spirit & body. Attracts abundance & prosperity. Heightens intuition, imagination & psychic sensitivity. Protects against negative energies. Especially good for children. Brings harmony to the emotions bringing balance & clarity to decisions about life. Prevents infections while rooting out hidden physical disorders and ailments. Encourages physical fitness. Placing on a newborn's belly will ensure life-long protection.
BENEFICIAL FOR: vision issues, wounds, dizziness, muscle spasms, strains, nervous system, immune system, detoxification, digestive system, constipations, gastritis, skin problems, itching, rashes, body core support, mental functions, uterus problems, fluid retention, fertility issues, childbirth, pregnancy, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint disorders. (Zodiac: Cancer, Gemini; Birthstone: Gemini, Cancer)

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