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Miranda (E109)

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Miranda (E109)

Apatite -
Works at the interface between consciousness & matter to let go of what is outworn in your life. A stone of manifestation. Clears frustration & supports passion without guilt. It balances the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies. Promotes a humanitarian attitude, aiding in communication & induces openness & social ease.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Motivation, nervous exhaustion, irritability, apathy, service, communication, energy depletion, pain, bones, cells, calcium absorption, cartilage, bone, teeth, motor skills, arthritis, joint problems, rickets, appetite suppression, metabolic rate, glands, meridians, organs, hypertension.

(Zodiac: Gemini)

Sunstone -
The stone for leaders, it boosts mental clarity, physical strength, personal power, and generosity. Links you to your life plan, assisting in fulfilling karmic contracts or renegotiations of them. Protects against destructive forces cleansing all chakras to allow for the free flow of the positive energy. Restores sweetness of life & helps one mature. Extremely beneficial for tie cutting.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Pessimism, self-worth, sexual arousal, co-dependency, self-empowerment, independence, vitality, procrastination, depression, seasonal affective disorder, self-healing, autonomous nervous system, chronic sore throats, stomach ulcers, cartilage problems, rheumatism, general aches & pains (Zodiac: Leo, Libra)

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