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Kealoha (E116)

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Kealoha (E116)

Yellow Opal -
Enhances your cosmic & metaphysical visions. It’s a karmic stone that teaches you what you put out comes back. It brings up characteristics to the surface for transformation. To use Opal for love, passion, desire or seduction, you must be centered. It heals the earth’s energy field, repairing depletions & reenergizing & stabilizing the grid. No direct sunlight for long periods of time
BENEFICIAL FOR: Self-worth, strengthening the will to live, intuition, fear, loyalty, spontaneity, female hormones, menopause, Parkinson’s, infections, fevers, memory, purifying blood & kidneys, regulating insulin, childbirth, PMS, eyes, ears, earth healing, life-threatening illnesses (Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius; Birthstone: Libra, Scorpio)