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Garnet Studs

Garnet Studs

Garnet -

Powerful personal protection stone that warns off danger. Inspires love & devotion. Helps you become more open to try new things. Stimulates kundalini energy. Has strong links to the pituitary gland helping expand awareness. Great for overcoming trauma & subconscious sabotage.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Attracting love, dreaming, blood diseases, regenerating the body, metabolism, spinal & cellular disorders, blood, heart, lungs, regeneration of DNA, assimilation of minerals/vitamins (Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius; Birthstone: Capricorn, Aquarius)

Color & sizes may vary from 4 - 5 mm (small), 6 - 8 mm (medium), 10 - 12 mm (large)

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