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Heliotrope (Bloodstone) Studs

Heliotrope (Bloodstone) Studs

Heliotrope (Bloodstone)-

The stone of “living in the present”. A powerful healing stone that revitalizes ones well-being. It’s an excellent blood cleanser & immune stimulator. It will ground and protect the wearer, warding off undesirable influences. Asist is avoiding dangerous situations & provides recognition of chaos that precedes transformation. Grounds the heart energy, reducing irritability, aggressiveness, & impatience. Heal ancestral lineage.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Revitalizing love, purification, prosperity, insomnia, preventing miscarriage, immune stimulator, acute infections, lymph, metabolic processes, purifies blood, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen & bladder, blood-rich organs, circulation, over-acidification, leukemia, tumors (Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Pisces; Birthstone: Aries, Pisces)

Color & sizes may vary from 4 - 5 mm (small), 6 - 8 mm (medium), 10 - 12 mm (large)

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