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Amazonite Pendant/Chips - This stone brings about unexpected change, and engages our warrior nature, to be at peace with the flow of life. It is a stone of peace, truth, harmony and communication. It is accented with Russian Amazonite chips. Glass beads promote feelings of transformation, renewal, balance, focus and effective communication. Wood beads bring a natural, authentic, and universal vibe. They represent liberty and creativity.

Bronze Wire Wrap - Act as conduits to connect our energy with our crystals.

Amazonite –
Protective stone against electromagnetic pollution; blocks geopathic stress; absorbs microwaves & cellphone emanations; and blocks geopathic stress. Helpful in filtering information & combining intellect with intuition. Supports self-determination. Excellent for releasing grief from the emotional body an creates emotional balance. It aligns the physical body with the etheric. Great for maintaining optimum health. Beneficial for musicians & writers. BENEFICIAL FOR: Electromagnetic smog, emotional trauma, worry, fear, negative energy, aggravation, universal love, alcoholism, thyroid & parathyroid, tooth decay, calcium balance, muscle spasms, nervous system, osteoporosis (Zodiac: Virgo)