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Excellent stone for spiritual perception. Stimulates the pineal & pituitary glands, harmonizes with the third eye & deepens meditation. A truth stone that encourages you to be true to self & stand up for your beliefs. Emotionally balancing, transforms a defensive or oversensitive personality releasing fears and mental conditioning encouraging interdependence. BENEFICIAL FOR: Clears electromagnetic pollution especially computers, self-esteem, panic attack, phobias, guilt, self-acceptance, self-trust, mental confusion, healing, balancing male-female polarities, metabolism, calcium deficiencies, immune system, throat, vocal cords, larynx, lower blood pressure.
(Zodiac: Sagittarius)

Hematite -
It enhances personal magnetism. Heals anger & heart felt by those were warriors of past lives & those facing karmic battles in the present life. Harmonizes mind, body, & spirit and removes excess energy. Right-handed people should not wear on the right – shuts down metaphysical awareness. On the left, it allows metaphysical faculties to remain open. It protects you during astral projection. Strongly yang, balances meridians, redresses yin imbalances, dissolves negativity & protects he aura. Assist in coming to terms with mistakes as learning experiences & facing the shadow side of your personality. Wear for short periods of time.
BENEFICIAL FOR: Self-esteem, willpower, addictions, overeating, smoking, over-indulgence, stress, formation of red blood cells, circulation (Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries)

Black wood beads
Silver Metal Beads