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Raw Purple Sapphire Studs

Raw Purple Sapphire Studs

This is a stone of awakening. Deepen meditation, stimulates kundalini rise, and opens spirituality. It activates the pineal gland with its link to metaphysical abilities. Also calm the emotions. Known as the “wisdom stone”, it focuses and calms the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension. This stone alleviates depression and spiritual confusion, attracting prosperity and gifts of all kinds.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Bipolar disorder, serenity, peace of mind, concentration, multidimensional cellular healing, overactive body systems, glands, eyes, stress, blood disorders, excessive bleeding, veins, elasticity. (Zodiac: Virgo)

Color & sizes may vary from 4 - 5 mm (small), 6 - 8 mm (medium), 10 - 12 mm (large)

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